EVENTO Canyoning trekking at Lake Garda in the Dolomites Alps Italy

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Canyoning trekking at Lake Garda Dolomites Alps Italy

Our canyons at Lake Garda Alps and the rates

Canyon Ampola
Easy, hrs. 4, pax 7, EU 69,00

Canyoning Vione
Midium, hrs. 5, pax 5/7, EU 80,00

Canyon Palvico
Difficult, hrs. 4, pax 5/7, EU 75,00

Torrente Albola
Difficult, hrs. 5, pax 3/4, EU 85,00

Vaio dell' Orsa
Difficult, hrs. 7, pax 5/7, EU 105,00

Canyon Rio Nero
Extrem, hrs. 8, pax 4/5, EU 120,00

Canyoning trek Sorne
Easy, hrs. 4, pax 7, EU 45,00

Photos of our guests in the canyons


CANYONING We would like to point out that according to law only state-controlled mountain guides are entitled to accompany people into the canyons. The accompaniment in the canyon tours is reserved exclusively to the mountain guides because in the canyon the same techniques and rope maneuvers which are used in alpinism in the mountains are being applied in this activity. However there are many agencies and associations which are offering guided tours. These "experts" are boasting themselves of their education at so-called "International Commissions" and they are convinced that they are able to do canyontours on an international level and to pay their holiday costs at Lake Garda. The difference between a "expert" and a mountain guide becomes apparent immediately in case of an accident in the canyon. The mountain guide MUST have his own liability insurance (up to 5 million Euro) but the "expert" ?

Our trips in Arco at Lake Garda

Torrente Ampola Val di Ledro

This route is also called 'Rio Nero - lower part', but we call it Torrente Ampola because each torrent has its own proper name. Finally, when the impressive Rio Nero is becoming flatter and the water calmer, here is the start of our canyoning Ampola. The tour is easy but interesting because it includes many jumps and slides. There is only a 20 m abseil trail into a characteristic cave but also many simple or medium difficult variants. We highly recommend this route to beginners, families or simply to anyone who has never done canyoning before.

Torrente Vione in Tremosine

The Rio Vione, in former times also known as Rio Senerifa, is starting from Tremosine. The agencies have baptized them with the imaginative name "Johanna" and is certainly one of the most beautiful tours at Lake Garda. The many jumps (up to 12 meters high!), the long abseilings (up to 45 m) and very fast slides are not suitable for beginners. The Vione canyon is also an exciting adventure for people who have experience. The mayor of Tremosine had ordered the closure of Torrent Vione in 2010. After some time now, however, it has been made accessibile again but now linked to some bureaucracy like e-mail to the municipality of Tremosine) and after the payment of a small tax.

Canyon Palvico in Ledro Valley

The Palvico Gorge is located in the region of Lombardy but has an easier access from Lake Garda along Ledro Valley. The water stream has hollowed out a deep ravine which is descending steeply towards the Storo plain. Canyon Palvico includes some jumps and many abseilings. The environment is fantastic with many caves where you can swim between light and shade. Particularly impressive is the last vertical abseil in the waterfall of about 50 meters above a pond. The last part of the Palvico Canyon is visible coming by foot from Storo so everyone can see that the Palvico Tour is not suitable for beginners.

Torrente Albola at Riva del Garda

This canyon is not very long but the Albola is located in a deep ravine and wild water makes it one of the most challenging and technically most difficult canyons in this area. The torrent Albola is the right option for those who already have wild water experience and enough mountaineering capacity of rappelling themselves alone.

Canyon Vaio dell' Orsa in the Adige Valley

The ravine of Vaio dell' Orsa is cutting the steep slope which is descending from the chain of Monte Baldo to the Adige Valley. It is starting from the village Ferrara del Monte Baldo and is leading down a steep track to the stream. The tour includes some jumps and several complicated descents. Sometimes it is difficult to find the way between the huge boulders which are forming the riverbed. It is an adventurous route for which the participants need a little experience in mountaineering. Therefore it is advisable to do the Vaio dell 'Orsa with the accompaniment of a mountain guide.

Canyon Rio Nero in Ledro Valley

It is definitely the most difficult tour in the canyon around Lake Garda. The Canyon Rio Nero is located in the gorge of Monte Tremalzo which was excavated by the Ampola river stream. The upper part of the river offers many long and complicated descents but only a few jumps. The final abseil trail is extremely impressive as it is running directly through a huge waterfall and you are finally landing 30 m under it... The last part of Rio Nero is a not very steep track and the water is calming down. This section is also suitable as a canyoning tour for beginners (see: canyon Ampola).

Canyoning-Trek Sorne at the foot of Monte Baldo

in 1850 there were 17 factories used for mills, ironworks and sawmills, the whole being driven by energy supplied free of charge from the torrent. Of course there was a network of mule tracks of access to facilitate the production. What remains of it today ... Nothing! Some old men are telling that in 1800 strands of gold had been found in the torrent Sorna and the peasants quit working on the fields and rushed to seek the precious metal. Today we visit the remains of these historical places abandoned for centuries but back into a natural fantastic environment. The canyon Sorne is full of unspoiled natural treasures and suitable for an easy but adventurous trip.

25th anniversary of the foundation of our mountain guides School in Arco at Lake Garda Dolomites Alps. According to our guests' opinion these are the highlights of our proposals.

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