MOUNTAIN GUIDES This year is our 20th anniversary of the foundation of our Alpine School in Arco at Lake Garda Dolomites Alps Italy. According to our guests' opinion these are the highlights of our proposals.

Alpinguide Italy guides for climbing trekking via ferrata
Arco Lake Garda - Dolomites Alps Trentino Italy
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Our mountain guides in the Alpine School Arco at Lake Garda Dolomites Alps Italy

All of our collaborators of Alpine School Arco Lake Garda are government licensed Mountain Guides with international diploma and are officially registered with the regional and international Association. With no exception they are bound by law to have a third party indemnity insurance.


Karin - Interpreter in English - Organization

Our German team coordinator is interpreter for the English language. She is keeping contacts with travel agencies and private clients, making bookings for hotels, rock climbing courses or any type of courses which the Alpine School of Arco is offering. She is a member of our Organization since the foundation and ever since then has been coordinating the work of the mountain guides. In collaboration with the guides she organizes adventure trips, courses, group incentives - teambuilding and active holidays around Garda Lake and abroad. She is setting up courses and excursions on the via ferratas Bocchette del Brenta and Marmolada Dolomites and is very much familiar with the outdoor activities, canyoning trips, rock climbing and via ferrata courses. It is her pleasure to take care of the clients who have booked rock climbing or via ferrata courses, excursions, trekking trips to natural parks or alpine excursions.
Hobbies: climbing, adventure trips, Trentino.


Delio - Founder of Alpine School Dolomites Alps in the year 1995

As a child already he had been following the paths and vie ferrate in the area around Garda Lake. He has been following the evolution of Trentino' s climbing history. As the founder and director of the Alpine School of Arco and of course mountain guide he is now mainly guiding rock climbing and via ferrata courses. His has acquired his climbing experience and specialization mainly in the rock climbing areas around Arco and Garda Trentino. His passion as mountain guide has always been rock climbing, however, very often he is accompanying friends on excursions and vie ferrate. His favorite zone are the big walls of the Brenta Dolomites where he has gathered his first rock climbing experiences.
Hobbies: adventure trips, diving instructor, webmaster, computer, Internet.


Mariano - Canyoning in Italy specialized

In our alpine School he is being considered the top canyoning guide. He is not only a very good climber but he has also been following the entire evolution of canyoneering, from discovery to development of the torrents, in the area around Lake Garda. Mariano belongs to the staff since the foundation of the mountain school of Arco. His working territory is in and around Arco not only for canyoning but on rock climbing and via ferrata courses. He organizes the canyoning trips and courses and does personally accompany his clients in the torrents. His great passions are high alpine and skiing tours and guiding courses. He will join his friends to the highest tops of the Alps or climb with them on the walls in the climbing areas around Garda Lake (Trentino).
Hobbies: adventure trips, trekking in Nepal, biological agriculture, viniculture and vegetable gardening, rock climbing.


Lorenzo - Collegio Guide Alpine del Trentino

With great success he has finished his studies in economy at the university of London. However, he had decided to give up the financial carrier and to follow his passion for the Alps, rock climbing, via ferratas courses and the trekking on our grand glaciers of the Alps and become a mountain guide. He is now working as a competent mountain guide in the Dolomites Trentino. In our Alpine school he is mostly working with our English speaking guests, as well as with foreign tour operators and company incentive trips, such as trekking, via ferrata courses, free climbing and snowshoe hikes in wintertime.
Hobbies: collaborating with various sports and mountaineering magazines as reporter and photographer.


Jo - Specialized in international trekkings

Young, ambitious and highly talented mountain guide in the process of entering the small circle of the world's best alpinists. With humility and perseverance he has accomplished significant results in international alpinism. As a passionate trekking excursionist, he has shown his talent in countless expeditions and new adventures in Bolivia, Ecuador, Alaska, Borneo and the Himalaya. In our organization he is the expert mountain guide for special and adventurous outdoor activities, courses in high-alpinism, trekking in all parts of the world, excursions on glaciers.
Hobby and secret dream: to train and teach his guests his experience as a mountain guide and to enable them to reach a peak of 8000-meters altitude together.


Giorgio - Specialized in extreme rock climbing

In 1986 he has won the Italian freeclimbing championship. Ever since then he has been teaching the art of rock climbing on the walls and climbing areas around Garda Lake in his profession. His working territory is in the Dolomites where he loves to accompany his friends on alpine excursions, via ferrata courses and big wall climbs. Very often he is passing his time in Arco to practice canyoneering which has become one of his passions - in one of the torrents in Trentino. Once the high season has passed, the mountain guide is mainly dedicated to upper-level freeclimbing on the walls in the climbing areas around Garda Lake and via ferrata courses.
Hobbies: ski extreme, skiing tours, diving.


Sergio - Management of Mountain Huts Association Trentino Italy

Expert mountain guide for high alpine tours who knows every path in the Dolomites and Trentino. His is demonstrating his managerial qualities in his functions as keeper of two huts and as organizer of group incentives, fairs, events and courses for groups. Even as a manager of two huts in the Adamello Group Brenta and Marmolada, the mountain guide can make the time to practice his occupation as alpine guide. With great passion he will accompany his friends on high alpine tours, glaciers and vie ferrate. Sergio is the top advisor for all outdoor activities and courses in the Alps.
Hobbies: managing two huts does not leave him much time, otherwise: skiing, sharing time with and enjoying the company of his friends.


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